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The designations UI Designer, UX Designer and UI Developer, are all familiar with the technical world. Many fail to understand the difference between their roles. Nearly all research is either centered on the difference between UX Designer and UI Designer or UX Designer and UI Developer. There is very little information available on the roles of all three acronyms together. We aim to bring to you clarity in all three positions rather than just a couple of them.


For one, let’s expand the acronyms -


UI designer – User Interface Designer
UX Designer – User Experience Designer
UI Developer – User Interface Developer.


All definitions in place, their functionalities largely vary. It is extremely crucial for all the elements to work together for the successful development of an interface / product. Let’s first explore them individually.


UX Designer or UXD – UX designers also called UXD, create homogenous concepts and solutions by integrating research and design. One of their most comprehensive roles is to understand user needs. Their focus is analyzing human behavior and implementing cognitive psychology competencies to evaluate customer reaction. The UX designer contributes to enhancing customer satisfaction by improving interaction thus amplifying usability. The UXD is responsible for all synergies between the customer and the company.


UI Designer – User interface design is an older, practiced field and encounter a variety of misinterpretations. The UI Designer contributes to the presentation of the product based on the communication and coordination of the UX designer. Unfortunately, UI designers are confused with UX designers and many a times their profiles are mixed up. When a company is looking for UI designers, they invariably post job descriptions complementary to the UX designer. The UI designer’s role is multifaceted function and has its challenges. They are responsible for content development, layout and presentation of the interface. Design research, branding and UI prototyping are their essential tasks. It is based on this that the developer arrives at the absolute product for the customer.


UI Developer – The UI Developer works in between the fields. Taking feedback from both the UX designer and the UI designer, the developer collaborates design and technical skills to code the interface. They have an in-depth understanding of how the browser works, production skills to create visual designs in Photoshop and converting such visual files into HTML codes. Front-end codes are harmonized with design to create a technically polished, quality output.


The process of developing the ideal user interface design starts from focusing on human behavior and ends in technological focus. It involves research, interactive design, information design, prototyping and finally front-end and back-end development.


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