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Joomla is a well-known CMS or Content Management system which allows you to develop or create powerful online applications and websites. The popularity of Joomla website software depends on its aspects, like extensibility and ease-of-use. Joomla is community developed software which is used to publish content on web, intranets, model view controller etc. It is an open source system and easily accessible to all. Joomla tools enable you to develop powerful applications. It is one of the most popular tools that are easy to use and is the foremost choice of many web designers.
There are basically two different parts of a Joomla website –

  • One that controls the look of the site and HTML
  • Other that manages the content

HTML is basically a language that your browser reads and the content is delivered vigorously from a database that is detached from the HTML part of the website. Joomla is basically CMS software that can help your business to do well on World Wide Web. It is a fast growing platform that is quite flexible and user friendly. It helps you to build many simple to complex websites and that is why every renowned web development company India uses it.
It is used for custom website development and is quite popular. It can easily sustain the business effectively in the online world and you do not even require any knowledge or skills of programming. It is written in PHP and uses a MYSQL data base that stores content. It can also creates an authoritative application which is easy to share and due to the feature of SEO plug-in, Joomla is considered more powerful to make the websites search engine friendly.  Also, Joomla is released under General Public License; hence anyone can use it for free.
What is CMS or Content Management System?
CMS or Content Management System keeps a track of your website content in different forms like photos, music, simple text, documents and videos. It is a multi-functional application that is capable of creating a powerful website in just minutes.

The best aspect of CMS is that it does not require any technical knowledge to manage. It also helps you in -

  • Keeping your websites comprehensive and well-organized.
  • Reducing the maintenance cost of the website
  • Expand the security of your data

On the whole, CMS is an exceptional solution for any type of online business and website.  It is a web application that is designed especially for non-technical users to add, edit, delete or manage their websites themselves.
Today there are many types of websites that are supported by Joomla that include –

  • Online newspapers, magazines and publications
  • Corporate extranets and intranets
  • Corporate portals and websites
  • Government applications
  • Online and E-commerce reservation
  • Websites of small businesses
  • NGO websites
  • Portals based on Community
  • Websites of church and schools
  • Family and personal websites etc.

Benefits of Joomla CMS website development
Joomla CMS website development comes with benefits like the proprietor of the website can easily post the information and latest news about the activities direct on the website, he/she can send mails and offers to the subscribed users and can upload images of latest events or their businesses too.
If you are planning to get a website developed, then you can take the help of a web Design Company that can help you to create a professional and effective website. The company will provide all Joomla web applications that are easy to use even for an average user. The Joomla website designers and developers have good web design and development skills and can create exceptional designs that are easy to access and user-friendly.
Joomla can be used on any sort of website and can function in many ways. You can create diverse types of websites with customer service systems, directories, portals, or online web stores. A good graphic design company India can professionally design a unique and interactive web design to attract the targeted audience.
Undoubtedly, because of the amazing capabilities of Joomla, like accepting extensions and updating the data base, it can never become outdated. It is certainly one of the foremost and best CMS platforms for website development.
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