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Companies spend trillions of dollars on customized stand-alone HR applications. Where these applications seem to embrace a large scope, most of the functionalities embedded within them in the name of ‘value-added services’ go unused. Besides, these applications incur high implementation and maintenance costs, which may take the organization a few years to break even. Browser-based applications on the other hand, of late have taken the digital world by storm more due to their cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Designing and developing HR applications to suit client’s environment can be a big task due to the involvement of multiple employees, hierarchies and managerial roles.


The MYNICE HR application is designed to fit into multiple user hierarchies that involve several levels of management. Users are segregated into three different categories – base level users or employees, the immediate line managers and organizational controllers who are responsible for the final signoff on the task. The application is designed to handle HR service requests in terms of passport release, housing advance, transport advance, duty and absence information, new joinee and overtime calculations. Each request comes with a typical workflow which goes to the final approver for acceptance. Access to the request forms are restricted at the same time recording request progress thus maintaining transparency of the action.


Besides request management, the application also offers calendar maintenance to display all events, announcements, trainings and birthdays. The library facility managed by dual levels of users can have study documents uploaded for the benefits of all employees. A universal and all-encompassing staff directory stores and manages all personal and important details of each employee inclusive of passport numbers and other confidential employment documents submitted by them. This page is highly restricted and managed through prudent hierarchical access. Important event alerts such as birthdays, passport expiry, visa expiry and any time bound document can be configured to an alert. Report generation and MIS for each of the above said activities is available through the application.


MYNICE offers interoperability between applications and is easier to integrate with other available systems. The architecture allows improvement in business processes and operational workflow. The application is easy to access and less complex to operate. All upgrades are uploaded on to the host server from where it is universally accessible. Server administrators are constantly monitoring the dedicated servers that are deployed for the purpose thus providing enhanced security. Flexible core technologies have been used to develop MYNICE making it more useful and easy to maintain.
The MYNICE HR Application has received a positive response across the GCC regions of UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

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