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A student now need not necessarily possess money, resources any many other such things to learn what he desires. With the fast changing world and open source materials, the entire scene of learning is fast changing and the change is on a positive direction. This availability of online resources is increasing everyday and this is helping all the online users in one way or other. The students are immensely helped by this online resources as this is breaking all the boundaries which previously existed for many centuries.

Students’ Holding Power And Control

The students are now deciding and determining what they need to study and learn. The courses available in the internet are not limited to one branch or other, but instead spread across all departments and domains. This even opens new boundaries and avenues for the interested students, who might not have thought about such courses previously. This is indeed revolutionizing the way people learn as they are completely set free from all shackles. The technology is what made this possible with the upgrades available.

Technology Reducing The Cost Involved

The improvement in technology has greatly reduced the cost necessary for completing the education one has planned. There are diverse technological platforms that provide education related services. These include websites, online learning portals, e-learning, applications in computers and mobile devices, video conferencing and many more such solutions. The cost involved in education had been a barrier for so long that many students were deprived of education because of that reason.

Globalization Of Education Resources And Practices

The globalization occurring in all the parts and issues of the world has come across education too. It is encouraging to see this trend in certain aspects and education is one among the field, where it has brought out extraordinarily positive results. It has raised the overall ethos and quality thereby present in this sector. The resources are not the only thing which is globally available, the institutes and faculties are also global these days as the overall scheme of things is free to move around the world.


Student plagiarism and dishonesty are some regions of concern. Some critics feel that it is effortless to plagiarize or share answers because of decreased surveillance and enhanced connectivity. Distance education has come a long way since its occurrence, and more progresses are likely to come. Advocates are finding ways to modify up the detected shortcomings of e-learning, and new technical developments continue to add to the benefits that online learning may offer for scholars.


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