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I” for the i-range of apple products stands bold to empower the symbol “I” for the internet, information and ultimately the individual who beholds a global information resource on his iphone.  The interface and the background processing all play a vital role in making the iphone the great connector in the Internet-information network. And so the iphone apps are but a window to the world-galore of information interaction and info-tainment, taking you on a virtual tour, through a hand-held, mobile and versatile device.


What goes into the procedures to design for iPhone apps, which makes iphone the standard ‘Reach, Touch and Experience’ utility cum service?


The iphone sports impeccable features such as a (3D processor, multi-touch screen, camera, accelerometer) ,which coordinate to give you a seamless internet connectivity through Wi-fi and 3G. How to design iphone apps, so that the interface and functionality is simply a summation of an excellent utility and valuable service?


The procedure for designing iphone apps starts with the feasibility study of the client’s business needs. The proposal’s marketability is envisioned through the iphone apps medium, along with prospects of growth at the same time; thereby assessing the viability of the project within the technical, economical, operational and time-frame parameters.


Once the project is considered feasible the next stage of procedure for designing iphone apps is that of the Apps Concept, where the developer will originate with a concept correlating it with the business requirements, the target customers and the value-additions to the client’s existing brand value; to come out with a model, which will define the specifications and the scope of the project.


The concept translates into design: for the prototype and the UI(User-interface).


Its well known as to how the iPhone captured the Internet fad through its interface  that made virtual reality  cater to real-time needs(be it a music store or a book store apps) rendering boundless connectivity to anything and everything, just at the touch of a finger


So the prototype will encompass the user-experience and functionality for each screen of the apps and provide a simulation of how the apps will exactly work on the iphone.


The simulation process consequently leads to the actual design and development wherein the coding for the iphone apps is done as per the framework delivered by the prototype and UI design phase. Apple’s developer tools for coding such as  X-code, Cocoa Touch, framework and Objective C, makes the best use of technology  to deliver  to the interface with features such as animation, networking, inter-operability ,and visuals.


The Apps is considered ready for deployment only after it goes through the process of testing. Testing is a crucial phase in the procedure for designing iphone apps. Here the apps is checked  for its functionality and its relevance to the prototype, developing fixes, for existing bugs and proactively plug in, prospective fixes.


Once the testing phase is over the apps is ready for launch where in the marketing tools and techniques are made ready, by providing the most ideal platform, and identifying the target customers and also the potential ones


Post development, there should be sustained efforts towards the maintenance of the apps, with a focus on the evolving user by simplified solutions through innovative upgrades.


The procedure for designing iPhone apps is an extension of the development cycle used for web-applications, with additional features, for a novel interface, a new medium rising from hi-end design tools.  And iPhone apps also anchor to the web-medium applications, as a matter of base-connectivity (for the frequent travelers, the iPhone is ‘way to stay in touch with their desk ‘). Thus, the roots of iphone apps technology traces to evolved web-application tools(right from graphical user-interface or user interface design), and strengthening the web-medium of development for wider scope for futuristic applications is web  development Company Pixint Graphics which  has  core specialization in website design development company India ., ecommerce portals, and web portal development.


At Pixint, the service is not just of a web development company india, our portfolio extends to custom web development, with greater scope for creativity, innovation to create a framework which is extensible and adaptable to growing customer requirements and the evolving technology.

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