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Software developers belong to that category where they had to stay updated in order to stay relevant. So, they are at the compulsion where they must get to know the trends and strategies as and when they come to the surface. The software development on the other hand is one among the fields which update itself in some way or other every now and then. Here, we are giving some of the upcoming trends, strategies and updates of the software development and the usage of the software in the markets and industries.

Catering To Cross Device User Experience

The users are getting more and more diversified in all aspects as like devices used, geographic location, age group and so on. On the other hand, the user expectation with respect to user experience and interface is ever increasing. This makes it doubly difficult for the developers. By doing this comparability testing, the software or application will cater to more wider audience.

Balance Between Privacy And Progress

The younger generation is comfortable in handling over their information to a public domain, be it a website or any other social media platform. But, they are hesitant when it comes as too much of an intrusion to the public. The same younger generation is revolting if the information stays in the hands of government. While developing a software, the developers must keep in mind the balance between the privacy of users and the progress which is associated with the information.

Big Data And Cloud

In software development, there is no single big thing; but many big things as like Big data analytic like Hadoop and another similar thing is the Cloud computing . So, integration and working along with these technologies as big data and cloud will be highly important for any software development. Previously we have witnessed adverse decline in cloud adoption during 2013 (20 percent), but it bounced back and gained momentum by demonstrating a positive emerging trend in 2014 (28 percent) and is expected to reach 32 percent again before the end of 2015.

Considering the obvious software development and testing trends, statistics and strategies, we can confidently say that there is a bright future for quality assurance and software testing and development, especially in the areas of automation testing, performance testing and security testing apart from the development. Software developers need to be prepared and be ready to make use of the emerging opportunities in the multi-billion industry in the emerging market.

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