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In the earlier days of application development, it was the developers who looked out for potential bugs and subsequently debugged them. Later, there came a stage when the work grew in its size and importance. It was then that the testing team was made separately. This move greatly benefitted the development cycle. The developers also could focus on a single task. This improved their focus and the development process. Gradually, the ways in which testing was done also grew in number.

Web-Application Testing Types

    The various types of testing performed for web-applications are of wide variety. Starting with the functionality testing as the most important component, there are some other testing methods which are important, but not widely used. The other important ways of testing include the usability testing and interface testing. Some other lesser important are database, compatibility, performance, security and crowd testing. All these types have a specific purpose and executed with a single motive in most cases.

Highly Resourceful Testing Team

    The projects are always done with a deadline. So, the development and testing teams ought to cooperate with each other. So, one team can compensate for the lacunae of another. It will lead to a healthy relationship which will greatly influence the development life cycle.  So, it is good to have a great rapport between the two teams. Another point here is that the testing and development teams aren’t mutually exclusive and have many overlapping qualities.

The testing is becoming the second most important team in any application developing Information Technology Company. Only development team is considered more important than that of testing. The testing is growing in its stature with automation becoming highly prevalent. The manual testing, which was adopted some time back is no longer the most used method for testing a web application. The uses of testing are only increasing after automation since it is becoming a multi – utility. The improvement in quality of testing is also equally important.

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