Since 2006, we’ve been developing successful user-friendly interfaces for some of the complex software applications (browser / mobile / desktop) for leading businesses across the globe.

POS UI for US Trucking Company

Many of the company's customers don't have vehicle insurance, ofter returning with either the wrong coverage or incorrect insured information.

Payroll (Guarding Services India)

A complex payroll processing is simplified with higher level of efficiency. The company’s very critical system handling the most important employee retention key-on time wage processing with accuracy- was erroneous and slow. A tailor made payroll processing application with practical UI made them process the payroll across all branches in less than an hour, which earlier used to take two to three days. Hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Services), the application is secure, fast, accessible and is online 24x7.

Electronic Catalogue

Sales and marketing team found it difficult and sometimes meaningless to carry the printed catalogues to their prime customers like hoteliers. Printed catalogues are usually bulky and not up-to-date. A well designed e-Catalogue helps the team to have the products updated any time, has the facility to add products to the estimate and trigger a print/email as well. Easy to carry, up-to-date, no ‘long delays’ in giving estimates and much more; eCatalogue made the sales and marketing team increase the sales by meeting more customers.

User Friendly - HR Portal

The company’s managers and employees were disconnected for lack of intuitive workflow. Unable to capture employee data, managers couldn’t track their leave, advance, and travel and training requests – a situation that was costing the company heavy overheads!

Health & Safety Control UI

The company’s health and safety system needed a complete makeover. Its manual system of tracking and recording incidents through a paper-spreadsheet approach, made for a long, expensive, and error prone process that was affecting production.